Friday Fun: Map of the Social Networking World

I ran across this map of the Social Networking World while looking for something else and I thought I would share it with you.  I am not sure what I would use it for other than for fun, conversation, and a possible PowerPoint slide. In other words perfect for a Friday post.
2010 Social Network Map

2010 Social Network Map by Flowtown

 The map was created by Flowtown as an updated tribute to XKCD’s ‘Map of Online Communities.’  The size of the countries/continents reflect the millions of users, for each service (as shown by the scale at the bottom of the image).

It is kind of fun to look through and laugh over a few things like the YouTube Triangle of Viral Videos or the Death Valley of John Mayer Tweets.  One thing I find a little interesting is Google Wave is missing, wouldn’t that be in the Land of Defunct Social Networks, or perhaps should it be the Dried Lake Bed of Google Wave within the Empire of Google?  Just thinking aloud.   

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