What is PubModel?

Ok I tried to read the NLM Tech Bull, New PubModel for PubMed Citations, but it was so packed full of jargon that my brain started to hurt.  I read it through several times then asked our cataloger what she understood of it.

This is what I was able to piece together. It is for online only journals and they will have two dates, the eCollection and the published date.  The eCollection date refers to when the article was deposited in PMC.

I have several thoughts…none of them pleasant.

First, it is pretty bad when the technical bulletin is confusing to the very readers it aims to inform.  I am not the only one who thinks it was confusing. Check out these responses to my quick question on Twitter.


Second, isn’t the term Electronic eCollection kind of redundant?

Finally, Does this solve the epub ahead of print mess or just add to the confusion?  To me it seems to add to the confusion. Not only do we have 2 different possible “publication” dates but their example article ”was published online on January 25, 2013, yet was included in the Volume 3, 2012 collection as deposited in PMC.” Does anybody find that absolutely confusing?!  What is the correct citation for authors to use?! When was it really published?  Why is PMC not listing it when it was actually published by the journal on January 25, 2013!? 

How can I explain this to doctors when I can’t understand it and why it is being done? Please somebody comment because I befuddled.


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Behind the Scenes: MLA Board

Tuesday and Wednesday I will be flying in and out of Chicago for the MLA Fall Board meeting.  So who is the Board and what happens when they all meet together?

First off, here is a list of all the current and previous Board Members.  The Nominating Committee selects people they think would be good candidates for the Board of Directors.  They list them on the ballot for the membership to vote on.  An elected Board Member serves for a period of 3 years. Each Board Member is appointed as liaison to MLA committees and task forces.  Chapters and Sections are represented by the Chapter Council liaison and the Section Council liaison on the Board.  The Board meets 3 times a year. They meet in May at the Annual Meeting (before and after the conference), in the Fall in Chicago, and in Jan/Feb online.

So what does the Board do?!

The Board does its best to represent the interests of the MLA membership through their liaison roles and through their participation in MLA.  Not only do they discuss issues and trends within organization and work to address them but they also meet discuss the general operating needs of the organization.

While each meeting is a little different, the Board always discusses the operating needs of the organization such as financial health of MLA.  In the May meeting the Board discusses a lot of what will or has happened at the Annual Meeting.  The Board also gets to meet the newly elected Board Members and the new President elect. The Board members report on the committees or task forces to which they are liaisons.  This Fall the Board will discuss the Presidential priorities and the President elect’s priority ideas.  They will also discuss the results from the previous Annual Meeting’s survey (the results of which are not available until well after the meeting).  Then they discuss action items and reports from the various MLA committees and task forces.  Other items that are also discussed, planning and updates of the future Annual Meetings, MLANet, and liaison appointments for the next year.  The Jan/Feb online meeting is relatively short (compared to in person all day meetings) where the Board discusses the preparations for the Annual Meeting and any updates to items discussed in the Fall.

You can read about what the Board discusses in each year’s annual report.  The annual report summarizes what the Board and the rest of MLA has done for the year.

My work on the Nominating Committee gave me a interesting glimpse into the way our leadership is nominated and elected.  My work on the Board as given me wonderful insight on how the organization runs and moves forward each year.  The combination of the two has shown me how important it is for us as members to be active participants in the organization and for us to vote on our leaders.  Serving as an MLA Board Member has been an awesome experience.  I hope others who have served or will serve in the future feel the same way.

As always this Behind the Scenes post was created from information on MLA’s website.  Understanding the various groups within MLA can get confusing and I hope by compiling the information into a series of posts it can help shed some light on the association.  I invite anyone with more information about the MLA Board of Directors to comment.


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Australian Healthcare Orgs Gain $9 for Every $1 Spent on Their Health Libraries

(Special thanks for Julia Esparza for her email directing me to this.)

Check out this cool infographic from the Australian Library and Information Association and Health Libraries Inc.  Basically it states that despite having budgets, staff and space cuts health science libraries provide $9 of benefit to their healthcare orgs for every $1 spent on them.

This infographic is part of a study conducted by Health Libraries Inc (HLInc) and Health Libraries Australia (ALIA HLA, a national group of the Australian Library and Information Association).

“The partners commissioned award-winning firm SGS Economics and Planning to survey health libraries across the nation and from this to assess the return on the annual investment in these services to their organisations.

The results provide a snapshot of the continued outstanding value of health libraries against a backdrop of significantly greater usage but declining investment. Patient and medical staff numbers and hospital expenditure are increasing, while health library budgets, space and staffing levels are decreasing.”

To view the full report, please click here. You can also find the SGS report here.

There are lots of very cool things in the infographic but the one that really stands out to me is at the bottom (unfortunately). It says, “The investment in these services (library) is just 0.1% of the recurrent expenditure in Australian hospitals.”

IMHO that information is HUGE.  Why are hospitals cutting such a SMALL percentage of their recurrent budget when it provides a healthy return on investment!?

One of the reasons I think this is happening is because we need to do this kind of study on a local level.  Hospital librarians need to figure out how we can show this information to our administration and also show how we are helping with their bottom line DESPITE our cuts.

While I think this is information is important, I don’t think running up to your administrator showing him this infographic (or emailing it to him/her) is going to help.  Administration has the mind set of, “What have YOU done for me lately?”  They will see this infographic and think “how nice for Australia, but what about our hospital?”  How are you helping your specific hospital with costs and patient care?  Please don’t answer them with the phrase, “I provide doctors and nurses with information.”

That is all fine and dandy but that answer doesn’t specifically detail how you are helping the hospital with costs and patient care.  Numbers matter to them.  Hospital librarians need to do these studies on a much smaller level in their own institutions. We need our own local numbers telling administration that we helped our OWN caregivers change their thinking and improve their diagnosis or treatment plan X%.

That is what matters to our administration.

Hospital librarians…we need to do our own research studies to survive. The research doesn’t have to publishable in a library journal but it has to be given to administration and make sense to them.  Heather Homes calls it the “small r research.”  It is research that doesn’t take a year or more to complete, it is specific to your department and institution, and it is what administration finds important.  All of these things run contrary to big R research. Big R research takes several years to complete, applies to libraries as whole, and is of interest to other librarians.  The little r research is about your job, the big R research is about the career of librarianship.

So lets start to deconstruct these great big R research projects like the Marshall study and this one from Australia so we can see how we can apply them for our own small r research in our institutions and in our jobs.

Who’s with me?!

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I Voted…Did You?!

The MLA polls are open and you don’t even have to drive to get to them to vote.  If you are an MLA member you just have to open up your email and follow the link and instructions. Easy peasy.

As easy as the process is to vote, it is not so easy to choose the people.  To help you choose, MLA has included bios on the Presidential, Board Member and  Nominating Committee candidates.  The candidates for President and Board Members were also asked to answer a question posed by the Nominating Committee.  Please read through the candidates and their answers.  Who you choose will help shape the future of MLA. 

The November/December of MLA News usually prints the list of candidates and provides the answers to additional questions the Nominating Commitee asked the Presidential candidates, so keep your eye out for that.  When it is available I will post the link.

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Friday Fun: Medical Library Halloween

The SCC/MLA meeting had a costume party and I thought I would share my costume. Anybody else who wants to share their pictures from the night, post the link in the comments. Hope you had a Happy Halloween!

Medical Librarians: We Can Do It!


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Potential New Tool to Measure Cognitive Labor of Research

This week I was at the SCC/MLA annual meeting in Fort Worth teaching a class. I got in a little early and I was glad I did.
Karen Keller, Dena Hanson, Lynne Harmon, and Barbara Steffensen at Cook Children’s Medical Center presented a paper on the creation of a tool for non-academic health sciences librarians to measure the value of research performed by librarians. The tool attempts to measure the value and establish an ROI of librarian expertise. The abstract of the paper can be found in their online program(pg 25 of 36 in PDF viewer)
I found this to be really interesting. Medical librarians have been looking for ways quantify what we do and put a value on it to our administration. I did not get a chance to listen to the actual paper presentation. I found out about it because I attended the Hospital Librarianship Forum where we discussed ideas and issues facing hospital librarians. In the forum Karen mention her tool. Unfortunately the tool is not available. The are still testing it.
Even though it it isn’t ready for prime time I wanted to blog about it to make sure it is on the radar for librarians who might also be interested. So keep your eyes and ears open.

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MLA 2014 Poster/Paper Deadline Nov 1st!

Wow! November is just around the corner.  If you have been planning to submit a paper or poster for MLA 2014 you better get moving because the deadline is Novmeber 1st.

(reposted from MLA-LMS email list)


You are invited submit an abstract for a paper or poster that reflects on the best ideas for the future of information practices in health sciences librarianship at the Medical Library Association Annual Meeting, May 16–21, 2014, Chicago.  To begin, review the paper/poster FAQs at: http://mlanet.org/am/am2014/sect_prog/index.html, then begin the online submission process.  Avoid the last-minute rush and submit your abstract before November 1st.

Be inspired to think how you can be an architect of a health information landscape that responds to the challenges of growth and an ever-evolving environment.  How will you design your blueprint for the information future? What tools will you need? What skills will be required? How will you know if what you construct is useful?  The MLA Annual Meeting will offer you an opportunity to plan and style an information future that reflects expanding roles to reach new heights.

Join your colleagues for MLA’14 in Chicago and build your information future at the largest meeting of medical librarians and health sciences information professionals in the world!  In January, preliminary programs will be mailed to MLA members and meeting registration will officially open.  For more information see: http://mlanet.org/am/am2014/index.html

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Louise Darling Award Deadline Nov1st

November 1st seems to be the deadline for a lot of things.  So if you are thinking about applying for something, nominating somebody, or presenting something at MLA 2014, you better start checking your deadlines.

(reposted with persmission)

Please consider nominating a colleague for the Louise Darling Medal for Distinguished Achievement in Collection Development in the Health Sciences!

The Louise Darling Medal is presented annually to recognize distinguished achievement in collection development in the health sciences. The award was established in 1987 and first awarded in 1988, with a contribution by Ballen Booksellers International, Inc. The recipient receives an engraved medal, a certificate, and a $1,000 cash award.

If you want to nominate a deserving colleague, please go to www.mlanet.org/awards/honors/ for more information and online nomination forms. The deadline for applications is November 1. Please contact jury chair Jeff Williams at jeffrey.williams [atsign] nyumc [dot org] with any questions.

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Apply for a Career Development Grant

Are you an MLA member and an MIS member and want/need a little career development support? If so, you might want to apply for the Medical Informatics Section/MLA Career Development Grant!

The Medical Informatics Section/MLA Career Development Grant provides one individual up to $1500 to support a career development activity that will contribute to advancement in the field of medical informatics.

The application deadline is December 1, 2013.

The full grant application, including eligibility requirements, is available at:  http://www.mlanet.org/awards/grants/.

For additional information, contact Michael Newman, Jury Chair, at mnewman[atsign]stanford[dot edu].


I think grants, awards, and scholarships are a great way to help us within the profession.  Committee or jury chairs from other MLA, Chapter, Section, NN/LM, grants scholarships please feel free to email me and I will almost always post your announcement.  I hate to see good money go unused because nobody applied for it and I just hope my posting it helps get the word out.
I do reserve the right not to post your grant if it doesn’t fall within the scope of libraries or medical librarianship in some remote way.

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MLA’s Rising Star Program: Apply Now to be a Star or Mentor/Host

(reposted from MLA-LMS)

The MLA Rising Star program has been developed for MLA members who are interested in attaining leadership roles in MLA but who have not yet become active at a national level. The one-year leadership development program matches each Rising Star with a mentor in a curriculum that includes:

  • learning how MLA succeeds through the volunteer efforts of its members;
  • the roles of the MLA Board and staff; and
  • project management skills applied to an actual MLA project.

Application and information can be found online at: http://www.mlanet.org/pdf/awards/20130827_rising_star_app.doc

Applications are due November 1, 2013. 

Also, if your chapter, section, or committee is interested in submitting a project for the program, the host/mentor application can be found online at: http://www.mlanet.org/pdf/awards/20130827_rising_star_host_app.doc

Host/Mentor applications are also due November 1, 2013.  

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