100 Free Kaplan E-Books Through Apple Bookstore

According to iMedicalApps.com Kaplan is offering 100 free e-books through the Apple Bookstore for a limited time.  There are 19 medically related books available including USMLE books, MCAT, and CCRN books.

Unfortunately this free book detail is only available to iPad and iPhone users (because the deal is only available at the Apple Bookstore) until August 30, 2010. 

Check out iMedicalApps.com for more information and some good screen shots of what the books look like on the iPad (they state it is “significantly easier” to read the books on the iPad).

One thought on “100 Free Kaplan E-Books Through Apple Bookstore”

  1. Score!! We don’t really need the MCAT stuff, but the USMLEs, Med School Rx and Math for Nurses make excellent additions to our circulating iPads!! thanks 🙂

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