Adding Google+ Features to Your Blog

I knew it was only a matter of time before the widget makers would make a widget for blogs that would add Google+ features to blog software. 

I have not added the features myself.  I have been testing off and on various blog skins that provide me with different looks and functionality.  I have no doubt that I will add the G+ functionality in the future, but right now I am waiting a bit.  I am waiting for several reasons. I am still trying to find a specfic look for my blog and I am more focused on that then whether it already can support G+.  I figure most skins eventually will support G+ so if I find the one I like now, I will pounce on it regardless of its Google widget availability.  I am also waiting for there to be more G+ widgets and to see what people have done to improve things.  Google+ is still very new, so there are only a few widgets out there, I am going to wait to see what cool things come out after people have had time to create some things.

However, if you are happy with the way your blog looks and performs and you want to add a little G+ functionality to it, check out Mashable’s article “How to Integrate Google+ Into Your WordPress Site.”  They discuss adding your profile information (good if your blog is personal, because G+ is still only for personal reasons not companies, libraries, brands, etc.). They also discuss adding the +1 button and Google inspired themes. 

Regardless of whether you are going to add a G+ widget right away, it is interesting to see what people are doing already incorporate it in blogs.  Now if we can get Google to think outside of the Chrome box.