Android Marketplace to Have Medical Category

Searching for medical apps for smart phones can be a bit of a pain.  It seems like medical professionals when browsing for good apps need to sift through the thousands calorie counter apps before they can find something like Epocrates.  To try and make things a little easier, iTunes created a medical category which is separate from the health and fitness category.  It is isn’t fool proof, there are still some apps that get thrown into the medical category which really don’t belong, but in general it helps.

It appears that Android users will soon have a medical category too.  According to iMedicalApps, Google is set to launch a medical category for Android Market apps this week.  Additionally, they report Google is asking developers to send larger screen shots of their apps for Android Marketplace which has caused some to speculate that Google is planning to put Android Marketplace online. 

If it is indeed true, this will help Android using health care professionals find appropriate medical apps.  Librarians might want to keep an eye out for when this goes live so they can add it to their list of resources (if they keep track of smart phone resources).

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  1. But now SmartPhones now need to be encrypted. This is from our IS department:

    Android Devices

    Currently Android devices do not accept a Security Policy that requires encryption. If you currently are using an Android device to access the Partners network, your device will stop syncing when the security policy setting is changed. In the future they will be releasing a model that will accept a Security Policy.

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