Another Kraft Worker

It’s an interesting idea to have a communal blog.

My name is Rob Penfold and like one of the other posters (Tobin), I also have a PhD in microbiology and genetics and funnily enough also worked in the malaria area.

I now work in a hospital library setting and hail from Down Under so perhaps can provide a different perspective.

Once, at the forensic library where I worked, we had a Crappy Craft day. My contribution was Krappy Koasters made out of Kraft cheese slices. This rather bemused the lucky recipient. This is my passport for being able to post to the Krafty Librarian blog.

3 thoughts on “Another Kraft Worker”

  1. Hi Rob, Good to know you’ll be bringing an occasional Australian perspective to readers at Krafty, it’s a valuable blog. Might need an interpreter for the Antipodean humour! best wishes, Cecily (in Melbourne).

  2. Hi Rob
    Glad to see an Australian Krafty! I was going to put my hand up but got distracted. I’ll be reading all these alternative author posts with interest. Thanks for posting about your interesting background. I started ward rounds last week and met a volunteer who used to be a microbiologist in the diary industry. Interesting! – Catherine (also in Melbourne)

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