Askey Not Out of the EMP Legal Woods

I posted yesterday that EMP released a statement they were dropping the lawsuit against McMaster and Askey.  As I mentioned the CBC article indicates that they dropped 1 of the 2 lawsuits. I asked yesterday if anybody knew about EMP dropping the second lawsuit against Askey.  I have gotten a few replies indicating that EMP has not dropped the lawsuit against Askey, just the one against McMaster and Askey. 

So it appears that Askey is not free of the EMP lawsuit yet. 

According to an updated article from The Chronicle , “Mr. Askey declined to comment on the case that’s being dropped, but he did say that the separate lawsuit filed against him by Mr. Richardson appeared to be continuing for now.”

The Canadian Association of University Teachers announced that McMaster had decided to pay Askey’s legal expenses (Askey was covering them previously.).  However, it is unclear to me from this article whether Askey’s legal bills would be covered with the suit that included McMaster or whether they also were covering the legal bills for the suit that is just against Askey (which has yet to be dropped). 

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