Bearded Pigs at MLA’12

The Bearded Pigs is the World’s First (Only?) Open Access International Librarian Rock Band. They have been playing at MLA for the last 8-10 years (who’s counting when time flies and you are having fun).  This year the band will be playing both on Sunday and Monday.  A double header!

On Sunday May 20th all are invited to join them for a night of dancing and drinking (cash bar) in “Grand C” of the Seattle Sheraton Hotel.  They’ll start up around 8:00 and play until 11:00.  Now, putting on a rock show isn’t free, so for those of you who want to help the Pigs cover their expenses for putting on the show you might want to consider joining the Thicket Society.  It is $40 for a single membership, $75 for a couple AND you will get a cool limited edition Bearded Pigs MLA’12 concert t-shirt and pin (another piece of flare for your badge).  Just go to and you can pay by PayPal or snail mail.  Remember, you don’t have to join the Thicket Society to enjoy the fun on Sunday, all are welcome.

On Monday the Pigs will be playing at the Armadillo Ball.  What is the Armadillo Ball? It is  is a scholarship fundraiser for the Southern Central Chapter of the Medical Library Association (SCC/MLA). Because it is a fundraiser, the ball isn’t free, your ticket into the ball is an armadillo pin (usually costs around $10).  Armadillos can be bought at the door or from an SCC/MLA member.  Not only is the armadillo important to get you into the ball, but it is another crucial piece of flare for your meeting ID badge.  People have whole herds of ‘dillos on their badges. 

I hope to see you there!

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