Brief Intro: Emily Hurst

Emily HurstHello all! Another guest librarian blogger, happy to be joining in to post while Michelle is engaged with MLA Presidential duties. Update: Apparently my scheduled post of this did not go out as expected over an month ago.

My name is Emily Hurst and just as Irene, I too work at the Virginia Commonwealth University Tompkins-McCaw Library for the Health Sciences. I currently serve as the Head of Research and Education. While I only joined VCU Libraries in December I have been a medical librarian for several years. I previously worked with the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, South Central Region.

I am currently active in both the Mid-Atlantic Chapter and South Central Chapters of MLA. This summer turned out to be a busy one. I’ve completed two web migration projects for MLA, worked on recruiting for a new librarian, and learned a whole heck of a lot along the way!

My interests are varied, while I am focused on management and leadership topics I have an extensive history with teaching, training, and technology.

For more about me visit me online or follow me on Twitter.

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