Call for MLA 2011 Local Assistance Committee Volunteers

On May 13-18 2011, the Medical Library Association’s Annual Meeting will be in Minneapolis, MN.  Gabe Rios (University of Alabama) and Bart Ragon (University of Virginia) are the National Program Committee (NPC) co-chairs.  Linda Watson (University of Minnesota) and Dawn Littleton (Mayo Clinic) are the LAC co-chairs.

The LAC co-chairs are looking for volunteers for to chair the two remaining Local Assistance subcommittee spots; Publicity and Promotion, Library Tours.

More details can be found on the blog of the Health Sciences Libraries of Minnesota: subcommittee chairs must be MLA members and will be responsible for recruiting volunteers for their subcommittee.  Those interested in volunteer for the subcommittee chair positions contact Linda Watson at lwatson[atsign]umn[dot]edu by October 10, 2009.

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