Brief Intro: Emily Hurst

Emily HurstHello all! Another guest librarian blogger, happy to be joining in to post while Michelle is engaged with MLA Presidential duties. Update: Apparently my scheduled post of this did not go out as expected over an month ago.

My name is Emily Hurst and just as Irene, I too work at the Virginia Commonwealth University Tompkins-McCaw Library for the Health Sciences. I currently serve as the Head of Research and Education. While I only joined VCU Libraries in December I have been a medical librarian for several years. I previously worked with the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, South Central Region.

I am currently active in both the Mid-Atlantic Chapter and South Central Chapters of MLA. This summer turned out to be a busy one. I’ve completed two web migration projects for MLA, worked on recruiting for a new librarian, and learned a whole heck of a lot along the way!

My interests are varied, while I am focused on management and leadership topics I have an extensive history with teaching, training, and technology.

For more about me visit me online or follow me on Twitter.

Please allow me to introduce myself

I’m Katie Mulik Dayani, a solo librarian at a special medical library in Kansas City. I nerd out on all things related to solo-librarianship, copyright issues, taxonomy/metadata development and advocacy/outreach. I’m excited to connect with more cool librarians here. If you can name the song referenced in the title of this post, I want to be your friend. Thanks so much, Michelle, for the opportunity to be a Krafter!