Blogging at MLA

Applications to be an Official Blogger at MLA were due Friday April 24th. I want to thank everyone who applied to be a blogger. I am excited because we have 21 great people who will be blogging from the MLA Annual Meeting. It is my sincere hope that our posts will help keep people in touch with information and events at the meeting.
So without further ado, here are your bloggers:
  • Ellen Aaronson
  • Alison Aldrich
  • Helen-Ann Brown Epstein
  • Shamsha Damani
  • Melissa De Santis
  • Jacque Doyle
  • Rosalind Dudden
  • Marcia Francis
  • Karen Heskett
  • Annie M Hughes
  • Mary K. Joyce
  • Michelle Kraft
  • Brenda Linares
  • Laura McLellan
  • Bart Ragon
  • Melissa Ratajeski
  • Gabe Rios
  • Heidi Schroeder
  • Emily Vardell
  • Rachel Walden
  • Beth Whipple

Go to the MLA Official Blog to see their picture and read their bios.  If you are in Hawaii and happen to see one of us, say hi.

Krafty Librarian Under Construction

As you may or may not have noticed my blog hadn’t been updated for about a week or so.  It turns out I have been working towards migrating my blog from Blogger to WordPress.  It was a little bumpy and I didn’t know that it would happen when it did so I wasn’t able to give any advance notice.

Thankfully Blake at LISHost has been very helpful getting things straightened out.

Bear with me while I begin repopulating the blog with my old posts (hopefully the comments too).  Things will still be a little bumpy but I hope to have things ironed out soon. 

In the meantime don’t forget to go to the MLA Official Blog for news and information at the Annual Meeting.