Change of Focus

I have kind of been on hiatus with my blog. As you all know a lot has been going on. The changes that covid-19 has brought to libraries, librarians, the office environment, home environment, socially, professionally, etc. has really kind of made things mentally topsy-turvy for me. As a result it has been hard for me to write, I have a ton of half written posts that seem to fizzle midway through as I get distracted or lack inspiration to finish.

However, what has been hanging out it in the back of my mind has been an interest to reshape the blog to focus more on the impact medical librarians have on patient care, the education/knowledge of medical professionals, and people in general. I would like this blog to feature these impact success stories from all around the world.

While I will do my best to seek them out, I am also looking to my fellow medical and health science librarians to help me share these stories, articles, and accomplishments. I feel we as a profession need to do more to make people aware of what a medical librarian can do to improve healthcare. This is my small way of trying to get that word out.

My intention is to have at least one post per month highlighting our impact. I would like to do more but it all depends on examples I can find and the number of submissions I receive. If you have an example you would like featured please send an email to mak1173atsignyahoodotcom with Krafty Library Impact as the subject (in order to avoid spam I intentionally did not hyperlink my email).

I look forward to sharing the good that we do.


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