Changing the Look and Feel of Things

Last week I took a bit of virtual vacation.  I still went to my regular job, but my brain wanted to disconnect from the blog, Twitter, and Facebook and I did that for the most part.  I used that time to look and to evaluate things.  As time goes on, new technologies emerge and the way we communicate evolves.  This especially noticeable in blogging.  Twitter and Facebook are very dominating methods of communication. 

So in the next few days (weeks maybe) I am going to be playing around with my blog to try and take advantage of the changes in blogging and technologies like Twitter, Facebook, and anything else I might discover.  I will continue blogging.  I honestly see a blog as the extension of a 140 character tweet or the slightly longer character length Facebook update.  I love sharing things (mainly news items) that I find interesting on Twitter and Facebook but I also like writing a daily post on other topics or discussing a little more in depth the tweeted news items.  So, I am going to be playing around with how I can do all of this a little more seemlessly, logically, and easily. 

So if you come to my blog and things look wonky, out of place, or totally different.  Do not dispair I am just playing around with things.  Thanks for understanding while I give the Krafty Librarian site a bit of a facelift.