Check Out the Midwest MLA Posters

The Midwest Chapter Medical Library Association’s Annual Conference is right around the corner (4 days away) and there are 15 papers and 31 posters being presented at the meeting.  Things are hectic at meetings (even the Chapter ones) time flies by and before you know it you are on your way home trying to remember everything you saw.  So for those of you who are going to the meeting it might be a good idea to check out the abstracts of the papers posters ahead of time online.  Reading the abstracts before the conference gives you the opportunity to formulate questions ahead of time and for the poster session it helps you prioritize which ones you need to see. 

Click here to check out the papers being presented.

Click here to check out the posters being presented.

For those of you who aren’t going to the meeting, it is even more important to read the abstracts of the paper and poster sessions because this may be the only time you see the information.  Who knows, maybe somebody presenting is doing something in their library that you have wanted to do too.  You might be able to contact them and bounce ideas or ask some questions.

3 thoughts on “Check Out the Midwest MLA Posters”

  1. 15 papers will be presented, not 5!! It’s going to be a great program. (saw the entry in my RSS reader and became alarmed!)

  2. Hurrah for Midwest publicity. The hashtag for flickr and twitter will be #midwestmla09, so you can check those sites for some additional info during and after the conference as well! And it’s not just 5 papers, but actually 15; make sure to check all 3 tracks (Seek, Discover & Explore)!

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