Yesterday I received an email from our DOCLINE coordinator at the NN/LM GMR indicating that DOCLINE will soon move to version 4.5.  Why is  this important?

Well if you are one of the libraries still using Internet Explorer 6.0 you might have problems.  According to the GMR 20% of the Greater Midwest Region libraries are still using Internet Explorer 6.0 which is NOT supported. 

Since it is not supported, who knows how Explorer 6.0 will react to the new version of DOCLINE.  One way to help ensure you don’t have browser problems is to upgrade to Internet Explorer 7.0 or 8.0 or use Firefox 3.x.  The new version of DOCLINE will work and function fully on these browsers. 

For more information about the upgrade and system requirements:

System Requirements

Browser Settings

One thought on “DOCLINE Changes”

  1. Ooh…I usually use Firefox, so foresee no problems, but purely out of curiosity I can’t wait to try it out on Safari and Chrome and see what happens.

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