Don’t Forget Join an MLA Committee

People have asked me on different occasions how they can become more involved with MLA.  They have also asked how can a person new to the profession or the association get to know other medical librarians.  The simple answer is they need to get involved.  The easiest way to get involved is to join an MLA committee. 

(from MLA Focus)

Joining an MLA committee is a great way to become an active participant in the decisions that impact the profession. As a committee member, you could evaluate applications for awards and scholarships; plan membership recruitment strategies, continuing education courses, and the annual meeting; participate in shaping MLA publications; make recommendations on new technology; and more. Apply using the online application form for the 2013/14 association year. You will need your MLANET username/ID and password.

Never served on an MLA committee before? See the August MLA News for tips from President-Elect Dixie Jones, AHIP, on how to increase your chances of being appointed.

The deadline to submit your commitee application is Oct 31st.

So take 5 min. out of your day fill out the application and submit it.

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