Don’t Forget to Apply to be an Official MLA Blogger

It is getting closer and closer to the annual meeting but there is still time to apply to an Official MLA Blogger.  There are several types of blogger positions available and all are good for AHIP points. 

Are you a connected type of person, can’t live without being online and checking email, tweeting, and updating your Facebook status?  You might be interested in the Type 1 Official Wireless Blogger position.  Wireless Bloggers receive a free wifi card so that they may be able to post up to 2 posts about the conference each day.

Are you already going to be taking notes for the folks back at home manning the library fort but you are too busy to commit to writing 2 posts per day?  You might be interested in the Type 2 Official Blogger position.  While the Type 2 bloggers are responsible for finding their own Internet access, they only have to make one post per day about the conference.  So if you already have something written up (like your conference notes for back home) you might be able to quickly and easily upload them from your lap top in the Internet Cafe. 

Would you love to go to MLA this year but it just isn’t in the cards?  But in order to keep up you decided to virtually attend via e-Conference?  You might be interested in becoming a Type 3 Official e-Conference  Blogger.  These e-Conference Bloggers will post their entries to the MLA 2010 blog from wherever they are viewing the conference. e-Conference bloggers will need access to their own internet solution and are asked to author at least one post per day.

Lots of options for people to help contribute to the profession and earn 3 AHIP points. Don’t delay, apply now! Deadline is April 20th.

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