EBSCO A-Z Enabled Browsing of Online Journal TOC

Last week EBSCO announced a new feature to its A-Z product.  Their new service enables researchers to browse e-journal tables of contents and directly access the online articles.

Oliver Pesch, EBSCO’s chief strategist, E-resources said:

A-to-Z is now much more than just a listing service. Librarians can now choose to give end users the ability to freely browse the library’s A-to-Z list yet allow only authorized users to access the integrated e-journal table of contents display – a feature that gives library users a one-stop online location for accessing and viewing e-journals.

The new feature allows all users to access a library’s A-Z Reader Site (including listings for e-journals subscribed to through EBSCO) without needing to authenticate. When users attempt to view an e-journal’s table of contents, they will be authenticated through the method the library administrator has selected. Once authentication is successfully completed, users will be able to access the table of contents for any other e-journal for the remainder of the A-to-Z session.

Additionally, the A-Z Administrator Site features allows libraries to control the appearance of the table of contents pages for all e-journals, including the display of important notes that alert researchers to specific details about e-journal access or coverage. Libraries interested in learning more about this enhancement may contact their regional EBSCO office.

Oooh happy day I have got to try this out and see how it works.  This might just be what I have been looking for.

One thought on “EBSCO A-Z Enabled Browsing of Online Journal TOC”

  1. This sounds like a wonderful feature! I wish we had A-Z in our library. I am glad to see EBSCO is making changes to be more connected and have seamless access. This makes it much easier on patrons.

    Alisha Miles

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