Facebook Friends Lists

A few months ago Facebook added some privacy setting that allow you to have multiple friend groups.  For me this is helpful and it might be helpful to others who different types of “friends” following you on Facebook. 

Mashable has a great “how to” guide  on creating friends lists and sending updates to a select group of friends. 

It is a great way to keep everybody updated with information you want them to see or they want to see.  For example my family and non-librarians friends have no interest in proxy servers and license agreements.  Just as my librarian friends probably don’t want to hear me waxing poetically about my kids (mis)adventures or my house renovations. 

In the past I have talked about linking your Twitter and blog accounts to your Facebook pages.  If you are running a library site or your Facebook page is purely professional I still recommend doing that.  But if you have a diverse group of friends and have created different lists then you might want to test how your Twitter and blog updates are shared.  I am not sure how customizable all of these outside tools are with Facebook are, I am in the process of testing them to see if anything is possible.