Free Lunch Anyone?

No this is not a belated April Fools joke, if you are a Midwest Chapter member and are you going to MLA then you can apply to win a free lunch  at the Chapter Sharing Roundtables lunch on Tuesday, May 25th at MLA. 

Not only do you get a free lunch, but you also can listen and discuss issues with other librarians. This year’s roundtable topics include; Career and Leadership Development, Clinic Decision Making Tools (UpToDate, MDConsult, etc.), Economic Survival in Libraries, Electronic Medical Records-Role of the Library, and many more. 

The Roundtables lunches are a great way to meet other librarians and pick their brains.  All you have to do to apply is fill out the application form and write a brief essay on “Why I Deserve a Free Lunch.”  According to the Connect Midwest Blog, “essays are evaluated on the basis of ‘conciseness, creativity, humor, pathos, and/or neediness.” 

Deadline is Monday April 5th. Get typing!

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