Friday Fun: 25 Most Beautiful College Libraries

Flavorwire wrote a post listing the 25 Most Beautiful College Libraries of the World.  The list was originally posted on December 13th and I found it on the 20th, but I had to hold it post it on this Friday’s Fun Post because the bookmas tree post clearly trumped beautiful college libraries on the Friday before Christmas.

Unfortunately, I have only been to one of the 25 libraries listed, The Long Room at Trinity College Library in Dublin Ireland.  I don’t think Flavorwire’s picture of the Long Room is all that great, so here is a better one I found.  Of course the picture doesn’t compare to being there.

Not many libraries are so cool that they “become one with the Force.”

While I understand Flavorwire’s need to limit the list to just academic libraries, but there are a lot of other beautiful libraries out there. 

One of my favorite libraries is the Cerritos Public Library.  Below is a picture of the children’s section taken by Adam Tow.  

The place is phenomenal visually.  Take a look at more of the library from other pictures around the library on the Cerritos Public Library Interior Photos.

What are some cool/beautiful libraries that you have seen?


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