Friday Fun: Cheer for the Cardinals

The World Series is going on right now and my home town team the St. Louis Cardinals are playing the Texas Rangers.  Normally, I would root for the team that hadn’t won a Series yet, but unfortunately they are playing the team I grew up with.  I cannot root against the Cardinals, it is physically impossible.  I may be living in Cleveland, but I am a St. Louisian. 

My brother, the investment professional, just sent me another good reason to root for the Cardinals to win the World Series.  A reason that all of us with our limping along 401ks can appreciate.   Apparently the Dow Jones industrial average has risen an average of 12.9 percent in the calendar year after the Redbirds with the World Series. That is the best of any team with at least 4 World Series wins.  So even if you aren’t from St. Louis, you still might want to cheer the Cards on to win. 

So if you don’t live in St. Louis or Dallas and you haven’t picked a team to cheer for, you might just want to think about rooting for the Cards.  However, if you are a Dallas fan (or a Cubs fan incapable of cheering for the Cards) all is not lost.  According to the article the market has risen an average of 8.97 percent the following year after a first time winning team has won the Series. 

Still…I am cheering for the Cards.