Friday Fun Fashion

We all have heard how the makers of medical lab coats are now making pockets a little bigger so doctors can put their iPad in their coat pocket.  Now larger cell phones, called phablets (phone/tablet device) might be changing the way we dress.

Tim Worstall says as smartphones are getting bigger, men are at a disadvantage because their pockets can’t hold the devices and he doesn’t think men will carry purses like women do.  So he envisions an increase in the number of men wearing vests.  Why vests?  The vests can be outfitted with a larger pocket and fit close to the body thus preventing the lop sided look of a heavy device in a jacket pocket.  That ‘s great, but what about the women who don’t carry purses.  There are women who generally don’t carry purses.  (I am one of them.) What are we to do with our enlarged smartphone?  Are we to don vests as well?  Well, one female entrepreneur thinks she has the answer.  The JoeyBra. Yes you read that correctly.  There is somebody who created a bra with pouches to carry not only your cell phone but money, an id, and a key.  No word on how the JoeyBra will work with the phablets. 

I see a Project Runway challenge in the making here.

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