Friday Fun: Gloves That Work With the iPhone

Those of you with iPhones or other touch screen phones all know by now that gloves and touch screen technology are a problem.  In snowy Cleveland my outdoor phone conversations are always very quick and I do a lot of call screening to determine if I really want to take my glove off, take the call and let my hand freeze.

No more frigid fingers! Dots Gloves have come to the rescue.

Dots Gloves
Heavy duty Dots Gloves featuring conductive yarn dots on fingure tips.

 The gloves range from $15-$25 and allow you to perform basic iPhone functions such as answering a call, dialing, activating the iPod, etc.  The first gloves had little metal conductive dots on three fingers, but the new design features dots on the figures made from conductive yarn. 

Older version of Dots Gloves with metal dots on finger tips.
Older version of Dots Gloves with metal dots on finger tips.
In an interview with the Daily News, Jeremy Horwitz, editor of iLounge, says a bare hand is still better than a Dots glove.  (Krafty thought: “Well Duh!”)  He says  “These tips are able to activate the key icon-sized features of the iPhone and iPod touch -turning on music, changing tracks, and adjusting volume – but offer too little precision for typing.” 

Who freaking cares!? I will update my Facebook and text when I am inside and warm, I just want to answer the phone without taking my glove off and freezing a hand.  Too bad they are pretty much sold out of every style and size.  I will just have add them to my mailing list or follow them on Twitter or Facebook because they say the new line is coming out February 2010 (hopefully that means it will be out any day now).

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  1. Although, with the sausage, after your through texting, you can have a snack. That doesn’t so well with fingers…

  2. I bought a pair of gloves at the Sports Authority – unfortunately they are not very warm. I should have waited to get one of these choices! Hmmm. Maybe I should have given up texting in the cold for Lent.

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