Friday Fun: iPad and Its Many Uses

CrunchGear posted a video and paragraph of Japanese doctors using an iPad (check out the “high tech” plastic baggy used as the iPad cover) during surgery.  Doctors in a hospital run by Kobe Univeristy used the iPad as a display during a surgical procedure.  A link to the video (in Japanese) is on CrunchGear.  As CrunchGear notes, this is not the most “elegant” usage of a new medical device in medicine but it is kind of interesting to see the different applications people find for the iPad, such as dolphin communication. Yes you read that right, dolphin communication.  Researchers at Dolphin Discovery’s swim facility in Puerto Aventura, Mexico are using the iPad (and the Panasonic Toughbook) to teach Merlin (2 yr. old bottlenose dolphin) to associate symbols with objects. 

For more “different” uses of the iPad check out the Huffington Post photos and videos. (My favorite Stephen Colbert uses it to chop veggies for salsa).

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