Friday Fun: Librarians in the Movies

For those librarians dealing with this really hot summer, what better way to beat the heat than to watch a movie this weekend.  Yeah you could go see Eat Pray Love, but why not rent a movie and stay at home (crank the a/c).  You don’t have to pay extra for your favorite foods, nobody (but you or your significant other) will be talking during the movie, and if you have to go to the bathroom you can hit pause.

If that is up your alley for fun this weekend then have I got a list for you.  The Huffington Postcreated a list of 11 films that “give librarians the center stage.”  There is something for everyone; the sarcastic GenX librarian in Party Girl, adventure themed movies like National Treasure and The Mummy, thrillers like Foul Play and Peeping Tom, and classics like the Desk Set.

Have a good weekend

3 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Librarians in the Movies”

  1. Huffington’s list is quite interesting. One unfortunate thing, though, is that “Storm Center”, with Bette Davis is NOT available on DVD. I’ve never seen it aired anywhere either. A shame really – it looks like a fascinating movie.

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