Friday Fun: Relax Have a Beer While Helping to Restore the Environment

Even my three year old son knows that there is a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico killing animals and making beaches “yucky.”  It is going to take long time (once they finally stop the leak) to get things cleaned up and it make take many years for things to get back to normal, if that is possible.  

I am by no means an engineer and have no clue as to what equipment or techniques would be used to stop it either.  Despite many of well meaning hair salons and dog groomers it would appear hair booms are not an effective method for preventing the spread of the oil.  However I have found one way that I can easily help people affected by the oil spill…I can drink beer.

Yes, you heard be correctly, drink beer.  Abita Brewing Company, located just North of New Orleans, has great beer, one of the best brewery tours (long story best shared over a pint) and is no stranger to helping out the community.  They raised and donated more than $500,000 for those affected by Katrina from the sales of their Restoration Pale Ale.  Now they have decided to sell SOS beer (Save Our Shore), where a portion of the proceeds ($.75/bottle) will go to those affected by the oil spill. 

According to Abita, its beer can be found in over 40 states and SOS beer will be hitting the market sometime mid July.   It is the summer and we spend a lot time bbq-ing with friends on the weekend, catching baseball games, and  just sitting out on the deck in evening watching the lightning bugs.  Often times we have a cool frosty beverage as we pass the time.  I gotta think we aren’t that much different from a lot of other American families.  In the next few months I will be looking at the beer cooler in the grocery store or hitting my local beer snob shop and grabbing a few SOS beers.  If you live somewhere that Abita is sold, you might think about trying out an SOS beer.  If you aren’t a beer drinker they also have merchandise that you can buy, 100% of the  merchandise proceeds will be donated.

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