Friday Fun Rollin’

This little article and video popped up earlier this weekend and I couldn’t help but post it for a little fun reading/viewing before the weekend.  Fellow Ohioan, Beth Hollis is a librarian at Akron-Summit County library by day, but outside of the library in roller rink she is MegaBeth with the Ruber City Rollergirls

Beth, looking for a hobby tried knitting first, but was kicked out of knitting class.  So she took up Roller Derby instead.  This has me thinking about all of the medical librarians I see knitting at meetings.  Will the next thing I see be the knitting impared strapping on some wheels and helmets at the next MLA Annual Meeting?  It would make for an interesting Sunrise Seminar.

Just in case there is interest for 2010, try the Roller Derby Name Generator.  -Rumble Kitty.

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