Friday Fun: Social MLA

Yes we all attend MLA to learn and connect with colleagues, nobody doubts that. But we also have a lot of fun. A lot of the fun happens at the bar or the after meeting parties. A few years ago (and after a few beers) a few people determined that they were actually kind of an unofficial Special Interest Group within MLA. Their meetings just happened at bars not in hotel meeting rooms at 7:00AM, thus they dubbed themselves members of the unofficial Drinking SIG,

To have fun with the idea and to get into the spirit of the meeting theme, there is now a Drinking SIG jersey for Seattle. It is completely unofficial, unsanctioned and not a real MLA SIG. (Really, if it were do you think a $20 membership fee would cover the SIG’s expenses?) But even though the SIG is unofficial the proceeds of the sales are going directly to the MLA Scholarship Fund.

So if you find that you are often meeting your MLA colleagues over drinks after the meeting you might be a member of the unofficial, unsactioned Drinking SIG and not even know it. So, why not embrace it and help the Scholarship Fund by buying a jersey.


Baseball Jersey

This baseball jersey and other items are available at
Just like that microbeer you order at the bar, the nerdy chic QR code expresses your social personality in a subtle yet fun way. The QR code sends you to a web page that says, “The unsanctioned #drinkingsig takes on Seattle! Engage, Learn, Enjoy, Cheers.”

2 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Social MLA”

  1. Was that MY idea last year? Because if it was, I don’t remember it…I was involved with hockey. But I am certainly a member of THAT group =)

  2. Thanks so much for posting this Michelle. It was my intention to get those of us involved in the #drinkingSIG to give back, too. We wouldn’t know each other, and be able to grow both personally and professionally, if not for our membership in MLA. Hopefully this initiative sees some success so I can continue it on in the years to come!

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