Friday Fun: Use Your iPad as a Phone

Moshi Moshi Phone

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You bought a new iPad, but you are still carrying around that dinky little 4.5 x 2.5 inch outdated piece of technology called an iPhone because you still need a phone.

Never fear Mark Frauenfelder at BoingBoing  found out that the folks from Native Union created the retro looking Moshi Mosi 01H handset that can turn your iPad into a phone while using VOIP. According Native Union, “the Retro Handset combines classic style with a contemporary edge and is finished with a luxurious soft touch texture.”

Makes a great gift for those you are into steampunk or who subscribe to the whole one ring mantra.

“One Device to rule them all,
One Device to find them,
One Device to bring them all
And in the technology bind them.”

I think I will stick with my iPhone and spend my time trying to score a pair of Dots gloves.

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  1. i am planning to buy an iPad since it looks lighter than a regular desknote and i don not use much of the features of a laptop.”,’

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