Friday Fun: What Happens When All We Have Are E-Books has a fun post, “8 Unexpected Downsides of the Switch to E-Books.” Instead of looking at the “boring” issues that happen as ebook sales overtake regular book sales, Christina H decided to “find some e-book ramifications that would appeal to the type of people who spend more time preparing for a zombie apocalypse than like, unemployment, or retirement, or something. You know, realists.”

In the interest of Friday Fun, I thought I would expand on her list of what we will miss out on when all of our books go electronic.

9. You can’t secretly read a comic book inside the cover of your history book. 

Kind of a messy way to pretend to be reading something else.  The old way was much better.

10. Kindles and other e-readers just aren’t thick enough or easily stacked to be effective when you have to keep a chair or table from tipping.

Oh yeah you can try a matchbook or folded paper, but for the truly shortened leg you need a book.  Or if you are an engineer like my dad and need to put stripe wall paper up in a stairway with a vaulted ceiling, you can use a combination of books, old bricks, a son-in-law, and a rickety old ladder precariously placed on the steps to help you reach the ceiling to wall joint. (Unfortunately, I have no pictures of that engineering marvel but witnesses can attest to the use of books.)

(Oh look an little engineer in training, my dad would be so proud.)

11. You absolutely cannot use a Kindle as an ad hoc booster seat, you need a good thick book for that.  Back before booster seats were en vogue, my mother, the nurse, made us each sit on a telephone book when we sat in the back seat of the car so that the seat belt went across our hip bones instead of our tummies.  My mom was a visionary, in 1970 she created the booster seat.  Of course now we have real safety booster seats, but the big thick book is still needed to give a boost to ones bottom.


Do you have any other suggestions on just what we will be losing when the world goes all e-book?  Let me know? 


One thought on “Friday Fun: What Happens When All We Have Are E-Books”

  1. Holding windows open
    A stand for my computer
    Toilet paper
    Transferring black market goods in prison
    Pressing flowers
    How will we throw the book at ’em?
    Swearing on the Bible in court

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