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When I was co-chair of the MLA 12 annual meeting in Seattle, we solicited the membership for ideas and suggestions for programs, CE, speakers, etc.  I am pretty confident in saying that Teresa and I were up for almost anything.  We wanted it to be a fun but relevant meeting for people (the two are not exclusive). 

The BIG thing to remember is that much of the annual meeting is planned WAY in advance.  So if you are at the 2013 thinking of suggesting a speaker, CE, or program for the 2014 meeting…it is most likely too late.  Those things have been decided and are being finalized.  The jetway doors have closed and the plane is on the tarmac talking to the tower. 

So that is why I am forwarding this request from MLA’14.  If you don’t submit your ideas NOW you will have to wait to track down and give them to the 2015 NPC people. 

Submit Ideas for MLA ’14 CE Courses and Symposia Now!
The MLA Continuing Education Committee (CEC) wants to hear from you! What new topics or courses have caught your eye? Who is teaching a class or has expertise you would like to tap into? What classes from past meetings would you like to see offered again? Are you currently a course instructor or would you like to create a new course? You may nominate yourself. MLA is accepting ideas for exciting and innovative courses and symposia to offer at MLA ’14 in Chicago, IL. Suggestions must be submitted by Friday, December 14, for consideration by the MLA CEC at its midwinter meeting. More information and forms are available on MLANET.

You only have a week to do it, so don’t hesitate.  Every year I hear somebody who bemoans that MLA is only for this or that type of medical librarian.  Or there weren’t any CEs and programs on certain topics.  Part of me wants to turn around ask them if they suggested anything to the NPC ahead of time.  Because if they didn’t, well then whose fault is it?

So stop being reactive, be proactive!  Submit your ideas for MLA’14 now.

One thought on “Give Your Imput on MLA 14 NOW!”

  1. The course idea form looks like it is to be used for formal course proposals. Can this form be used for simple topic suggestions?

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