Health Science Librarians Make A Difference Contest Winners

The winners for the Health Sciences Librarians Make a Difference contest sponsored by Wolters Kluwer Health have been announced.

First Place

University of Missouri – Kansas City Health Sciences Library:
Spot of Tea” Kristy Stiegerwalt describes how her research on green tea and liver toxicity helped a patient.  The requesting doctor asked colleagues the question and they had never heard of a connection between green tea and liver toxicity, but he showed them the systematic review she had provided them and after stopping his green tea consumption the patient was less jaundice.

Second Place

Florida Mental Health Institute Research Library, South Florida:
Why Research Matters” The librarian describes the creation of 15 videos in response to a discussion with graduate program chairs demonstrating how and why to use databases and other resources for the Graduate programs in Applied Behavior Analysis and Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling.  Showing the relevance, value and importance of good and thorough research to real life problems.

Third Place

CRAI Biblioteca de Medicina/Univeritat de Barcelona:
The Library, an Evergoing Relationship” The video depicts a medical student trying to get a grasp on his studies in the begining of the year and using the library to understand how it and the librarians can help him.  The student evolves from checking out books to using the library for research support, training, remote access, and beyond graduation.

Congratulations to all winners.  You can view other great submissions on the Ovid YouTube Channel.

Two things that I think are cool.

First is the praise that one of the judges, Sujana S. Chandrasekhar, MD, FACS, FAAO-HNS, gave to Kristy for her video, “As a busy, practicing physician who just tries to ‘Google it’ or ‘Pubmed it’ on the fly, but who wishes she had that type of support in unusual patient cases, that video absolutely tells the value of a great medical librarian.”

Second is you don’t have to a budding Steven Spielburg to win.  I’m always intimidated by video contests because I’m afraid my lack of video editing will hurt my chances. In this contest, Kristy and her colleague have shown you just need to point the camera and shoot and if you got good material you can win.

I ran across a web page indicating Ovid will hold this contest again in 2014 (unfortunately I can’t find that web page right now) so if you are making a difference and you have a web cam, cell phone cam, etc. make a video and submit it.  Who knows you might win!

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