Keeping Up With Events at MLA

We have created several different ways for you to keep up to date with information and events at MLA. 

The Official MLA Blog– We have 21 people who have volunteered to dedicate their time to writing and posting information about the conference.

MLA20o9 Twitter Account – Follow live discussions, comments and questions that are happening at the conference on Twitter.  You don’t need a Twitter account to do this but it is helpful if you do.

If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can go to and watch the discussion.

If you do have a Twitter account and you want to participate, the easiest method is to follow MLA20o9. Then go to TweetChat.  Login using your Twitter login and password and then type in mla09 for the room.  TweetChat will allow you to watch and (participate if you want) all discussions that use the #mla09 hashtag. 

  • REMEMBER to use the hashtag #mla09 when posting something about MLA on Twitter. 
  • If your Twitter updates are protected on your account (this feature is under Settings) then others will NOT be able to view your tweets and you won’t be able to ask questions or participate in discussions very effectively.  You can always protect your tweets after the conference.

You can use Twitter’s web page to participate (you have to hit Refresh to get updates) and there are several software programs that make the Twitter experience a little more interactive.  Some of like  twhirl and TweetDeck must be installed on your computer.  TweetChat is a web program (no install required) that allows you to watch a specific discussion on Twitter.  For those of you with iPhones Tweetie ($2.99) and TwitterFon (free) are two popular apps.

MLA 2009 Flickr Group – View photos taken at the meeting.

If you aren’t at the meeting you can view the photos by going to

If you are at the meeting and taking pictures, please consider posting them on flickr under the MLA 2009 Group  If you have a flickr account click on Groups and then search for MLA 2009. You must post your photos first to your account then add them to the Group by clicking on each phonto then clicking on the icon “Send to Group” which is located just above the picture.

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  1. Thank you so much for helping create all these wonderful resources to follow along with MLA this year!

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