Krafty Librarian Under Construction

As you may or may not have noticed my blog hadn’t been updated for about a week or so.  It turns out I have been working towards migrating my blog from Blogger to WordPress.  It was a little bumpy and I didn’t know that it would happen when it did so I wasn’t able to give any advance notice.

Thankfully Blake at LISHost has been very helpful getting things straightened out.

Bear with me while I begin repopulating the blog with my old posts (hopefully the comments too).  Things will still be a little bumpy but I hope to have things ironed out soon. 

In the meantime don’t forget to go to the MLA Official Blog for news and information at the Annual Meeting.

6 thoughts on “Krafty Librarian Under Construction”

  1. Hi, Krafty. If you need to ask a fellow librarian-blogger about using WordPress, I’ll be happy to answer any questions that I can…. I’ve been using WordPress since July 2007.
    Creaky (Kathleen)

  2. I too can help you with the migration, especially fixing the out of the box themes to give you a little better custom look. Before you get to far into the migration you’ll want to look at the way your URLs are getting built. I can see you are using default. But you may want to select a more custom url.

    You can’t change it after too many entries:

    Then you can import all your old blogger entries by going to “manage” “import” “blogger.” (Don’t cut and paste)

    Also I would recommend you download the All in One SEO Pack..

  3. Thanks Isaac. I plan on doing a lot more with the look and feel once MLA is done and I don’t have to keep two blogs up and running and I can concentrate fully on mine. In the mean time the cookie cutter look at least lets me get things up and posted.
    The import is going to be ugly and I am not sure exactly how I am going to tackle it. The problem is that none of my posts were hosted on Blogger. I used Blogger to create them but all of them were hosted on LISHost who was hosting my domain name as well. So the easy import that WordPress has for Blogger is going to work because it expects the posts to be on Blogger, which they aren’t.
    If you or anybody else has any ideas on that, I would greatly appreciate it.

  4. if you can export the xml file you have options if you have the old blogger xml file you can use the to covert the file for import. Or if have XML from an old RSS 2.0 feed you mad be able to rip that too.

    Otherwise you have to make your RSS using the HTML files the format goes like this


    Wed, 30 Jan 2009 12:00:00 +0000
    Ovid Sunshine
    Ovid new sunshine interface promises to suck out your happiness …"Users want that unhappy felling" says Karen Abramson President & CEO "Ovid sunshine makes users 29 percent more pissed off than our previous interface" …

    Just be sure the line is a single long line with no newlines embedded.

    That will take time but still be quicker than re-posting.


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