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It is the beginning of a new year, so it follows that people will come out with what hot in 2010.  The morning news shows are doing it with money, fashion, and technology.  Of course the library world is in on the gig too.  Sunday January 17th library 10:30-12:30 EST prognosticators will be discussing LITA Top Tech Trends.  You can follow them at, or via Twitter #alamwttt. 

Now this is happening on a Sunday, which means those of you can’t watch streaming media at work have the opportunity to watch it from your home.  It is fairly early in the day, plenty of time for you football watching librarians to virtually attend before the playoff games start later in the afternoon.

If you decide to watch the program, you will hear from

  • Amanda Etches-Johnson, User Experience Librarian at McMaster University
  • Jason Griffey, Head of Library Information Technology at University of Tennessee, Chattanooga
  • Joe Murphy, Science Librarian, Yale University
  • Lauren Pressley, Instructional Design Librarian, Wake Forest University
  • David Walker, Web Services Librarian, California State University System

Hopefully if all the stars align, I will be able to catch some of it in between nerf gun battles, painting cabinets, and picking up Christmas decorations.  Wait there is a thought, instead of listening to the radio while painting the cabinets I can plug in my laptop (safe distance from paint) and listen to it while I painting.  Wow, I am a library nerd.

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