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So you got a new smartphone for Christmas and the first thing you want to do is start loading and trying out all these apps you keep hearing about.  Well it might interest you to do know that iMedicalApps has just launched a new medical apps forum for the medical community to discuss mobile apps and technology. 

Not only will there be general discussions about various apps but they will have specialty areas for people to discuss specific issues without the post getting lost or  bogged down in the general discussion area. In addition the editors and writers on iMedicalApps will be answering questions about mobile technology in the forum.

iMedicalApps is a great resource for reading articles about medical apps for smartphones, hopefully the forum can take that information and extend it and keep it current and practical.  I’ve registered and will be either lurking or posting or combination of the two, it will be interesting to see how it evolves.  Unfortunately they didn’t have librarian as a choice for profession.  Kind of bummed on that.

4 thoughts on “Medical Apps Forum”

  1. @Halyna keep your eyes open there should be some news on the librarian medical apps forum front soon.

  2. I registered as well. Their reviews are interesting and from the physician point of view. I look forward to you adding the “librarian touch” over there. 🙂 Maybe we can get the profession thing changed if we ask very nicely. I look forward to your posts over there.

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