Medical Librarians Forum for Apps and Mobile Devices

Last week I wrote a post  about iMedicalApps launching a forum to foster the discussion of medical apps.  Well I am announcing the launch of the Medical Librarian’s Corner, an area within iMedicalApps Forum dedicated to librarians discussing the use of apps, mobile devices, licensing, support, teaching, etc.

The people at iMedicalApps noticed that a medical librarians help play an important part in the “distribution of knoweledge and useful resources” and can provide help to medical professionals dealing with information overload.  So they created a specific corner of the forum (of which I am the moderator) for medical librarians to discuss everything and anything related to apps and mobile devices. 

New to smartphones and apps, or are you an old pro?  The forum will provide a great place for newbies and veterans to discuss and post questions.  So if you are interested, create an account, login and start discussing.  It is my hope that this can be a robust and helpful area for medical librarians.

Since a blank forum is a little bit like the blank page in the typewriter staring back at you, I have already started a discussion thread.  What libraries have the best list of apps and mobile friendly websites?  However, if you have something else that is on your mind, please feel free to post it.  The only way this forum can be of help is if people participate. 


3 thoughts on “Medical Librarians Forum for Apps and Mobile Devices”

  1. Hi —

    Has the Medical Librarian’s Corner forum moved!? If so, could you point me in the direction of something similar? I would love to see the MLC forum or something like it!

    Thank you in advance for your help with this, Krafty Librarian!

    From one librarian to another,


  2. This looks great! Thanks for sharing. I didn’t see a way to list my profession as librarian, but maybe they’ll add that in the future.

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