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It has been almost 2 weeks since I wrote something on the blog.  I appologize to readers.  These last few weeks have been quite busy with kids stuff and holiday stuff that what little extra time I had got sucked into a vortex.  I do plan on blogging very shortly.  But I thought I would take this time to solicit opinions and ideas about what you would like to see on this blog for 2013. Is there something I should focus on specifically?  Or, is there a topic that I have beaten to death that you are tired of reading?  Let me know!  I write not only because I like to but also because I like communicating with you all.

For example would you like more:

  • Database/product reviews
  • Mobile stuff (in general I will leave medical app reviews to the folks at iMedicalApps, they already do a great job)
  • Trends in medical libraries
  • What is happening on the MLA Board

I know you are all familiar with my voice, but would you be interested in having guest posts every once and a while?  I usually don’t do them, but I am not opposed to them either.  Bigger question…Is my blog relevant still?  Would you rather get my insights from Twitter, Facebook or something else?  Basically is this blog dead to you and I should focus on other things. 

I look forward to any and all comments.  Let me know.  Without you, the reader, I would just be blogging to myself which isn’t much different than talking to myself and I do enough of that already.


6 thoughts on “Medlibs What Interests You?”

  1. I am a new health sciences librarian so I’m interested in things that would help me get up to speed with this more specialized area of librarianship. Really narrows it down, right?

    To use one of your examples, though, trends in medical libraries would be great for me. I’m sure a lot of your readers would already know the answers to this, but what are the key online resources to be familiar with/journals to follow/associations to belong to/ etc. would all be nice to know about. Posts like this wouldn’t have to focus on drop dead obvious things (like it might be a good idea to join MLA by the way) but could be a little more specialized.

    I really enjoy your posts so I’m sure that anything you do will work for me!

  2. MK-I still am most comforable with email notification of blog posts. I do not yet own smartphone or ipad.

  3. And I intended also to say that your blog content provides inspiration to learn more (selectively), with enough detail for me to identify things that likely won’t appeal to me right now.

  4. My hospital still blocks Facebook and Twitter, so blogs are the only way I can easily read your postings on my desktop.

    I find your database, product, library trend pieces very informative and valuable. They keep me abreast of what is new and give me an idea of what libraries are doing (so important when administrators ask).

    I also like the apps reviews. While I do browse iMedicalApps fairly regularly, I do think your heads-ups are a good indicator of what apps are really important and should not be missed. Perhaps some kind of review or listing of new reviewed listing of apps per week/month could be listed? I always feel I missed apps because I didn’t browse more frequently.

    To be honest, I just skim over the MLA Board news.

    Thanks again..

  5. Yours is the main blog I follow. My daughter, an MLS student in NC also follows you. You are not talking to yourself! Please don’t stop writing–you are so relevant.

  6. All great ideas…keep them coming. I want to make sure I am still adderssing issues that are important to you. I realize not every post will be a homerun with everyone, but overall I would like to keep generating content that is relevant to you all. Don’t worry my question of whether to continue the blog is not because I’m burnt out. But, I would be remiss if I didn’t ask about other ways people preferred I communicated (blog, Twitter, carrier pidgeon, etc.).

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