MIS Members Vote NOW!!

MLA MIS members don’t forget to vote for your future Chair Elect and Secretary/Treasurer. 

Here are the people: Vote before today Thursday 11:59pm

VOTE HERE:  http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/G6NS2BQ

Chair Elect:

Michael Garner
Medical Informatics Librarian
University of Central Florida College of Medicine
Harriet F. Ginsburg Health Science Library

 Why are you interested in running for MIS Chair-Elect?

I am interested in running for MIS Chair-Elect because of the importance of medical informatics in the medical community. Medical informatics promotes the systematic use of data to support the goals of the medical community and I believe that the MIS chair works as a bullhorn letting people know about medical informatics and why they should care about it and I would like to continue the work of past officicers of the section.

 What kinds of things would you like to see happen in the Medical Informatics Section?

First and foremost I would like to ensure that the members of the MIS would have access through the MIS website to information that would be useful to them in their day-to-day jobs as well as current items of interest. Due to the importance of outreach I would also like to broadcast to potential members the resources that the MIS offers. This should further burgeon our ranks and hopefully increase both interchange, community, and collaboration.


Emily Hurst
Technology Coordinator
National Network of Libraries of Medicine South Central Region

 Why are you interested in running for MIS Chair-Elect?

 My interest in running for MIS Chair-Elect comes from growing and learning more about the section through participation. Working with MIS, first as a regular member, I was able to learn more about the goals and focus of the section. Serving as the section  by-laws committee chair and working with leadership on programming topics has broaden my interested in the section and its mission. Support and connection with colleagues across the country has helped to see that MIS members are leaders in various in health science and medical librarianship.  I am interested in running for MIS chair-elect to continue the mission of MIS and promote goals which will keep the section active as well as attract new membership.

 What kinds of things would you like to see happen in the Medical Informatics Section?

I would like to see MIS continue to be one of the most cutting edge, relevant, and collaborative sections in MLA while also growing membership and embracing new ways of involving others in the section. Through continued sponsorship of MLA annual meeting programming including the popular Top Tech Trends panel MIS demonstrates it is a section of leaders as well as tech-savvy librarians who are willing and able to provide new insights on upcoming technology trends. I would also like to see MIS work in collaboration with groups outside of MLA such as LITA and ACRL’s Health Sciences Interest Group to put forth new ideas, programming, or educational support for one-another. By growing and learning together in this era of big data and quickly changing technologies I believe the MIS can provide an educational and supportive environment for librarians facing today’s challenges.


Secretary Treasurer

Kristi Holmes
Becker Medical Library
Washington University School of Medicine

Why are you interested in running for Secretary-Treasurer?

I am honored to have the opportunity to run for Secretary-Treasurer for the Medical Informatics Section (MIS). We see an increasing influence of informatics in the work of the researcher, clinician, and in the way that the general public is able to consume information about health and wellness. I think that the MIS is a great resource for librarians – through their education and programming offerings and also by supporting collaborative communications with their members.  I am excited to have an opportunity to possibly support the work of this section in a more formal way and I certainly look forward to the work of the section as it fosters efforts around informatics and libraries in the clinical and research environment. I work as a bioinformaticist at Washington University’s Becker Medical Library. I am involved in developing and implementing the library’s Bioinformatics@Becker program and my professional interests include  a number of topics that may align with MIS, including education and training efforts across biomedicine; collaboration tools and support; open science; the Semantic Web, and understanding the impact of research efforts.


Brandi Tuttle
Research & Education Librarian
Duke Medical Center Library & Archives 

Why are you interested in running for Secretary-Treasurer?

 Though a newer member to MIS, she is interested in running for the position of Secretary/Treasurer as she is sometimes a “jump in with both feet” kind of gal.  But don’t worry; she’s familiar with taking notes as well as planning and moving monies.  She has four years of experience as a Secretary/Treasurer for (EMTS 2009-2013) as well as two years of experience as Treasurer for the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of MLA (2010-present).  She has worked for the past several years to help select and disperse funds for the EMTS Annual Meeting Attendance Grant award as well as recently helped see the introduction of EMTS support for board member MLA attendance.  MIS is one of those sections that has caught her eye enough times.  She looks forward to working with another exciting group of people for the next few years to conjure up some awesome programming, create new initiatives and connect with other MLA members! Thanks for reading this far!

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