MLA 2009 NLM Online Users’ Meeting: Remarks

The NLM Technical Bulletin has published the remarks and the presentation slides made by David Gilliken, Chief, Bibliographic Services Division, National Library of Medicine at the Annual Meeting of the Medical Library Association.

Those who attended the sunrise seminar will remember (or maybe not, it was early) that they presented information about updates and new features to NLM products, demonstrated the PubMed redesign, talked about MedlinePlus and DOCLINE.  The Technical Bulletin currently only has the NLM and PubMed part of the meeting online and available.  The Question and Answer part to that session as well as the information presented on MedlinePlus and DOCLINE will be coming soon.

For most librarians and PubMed searchers the issue at the forefront are the PubMed Enhancements.  The Technical Bulletin briefly describes the enhancements made this year.  The accompanying slidesare particularly helpful since they have screenshots of the redesign (which is still under development).

Check out the NLM Technical Bulletin for more information on the PubMed redesign as well as information about LinkOut, UMLS releases, WISER, NLM Drug Information Portal, NLM Disaster Information Management Research Center, TOXMAP, TOXNET,, DailyMed, and the NIH Public Access Policy.

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