MLA 2009 Twitter Will Be Following Its Followers Soon

Right now the MLA 2009 has been rather quite.  There hasn’t been much discussion going on but people have been joining Twitter and clicking to “follow” MLA 2009.  Tonight MLA 2009 will begin the process of following all of its followers.  This might sound confusing but it really isn’t.  The easiest way to see and follow a conversation is for both parties to be following each other.  If only one person is following then the discussion is one way only. 

Krafty is following MLA 2009 but MLA 2009 has not yet chosen to follow Krafty. 
In this example Krafty can see everything MLA 2009 posts because she is following MLA 2009.  But MLA 2009 does not see anything Krafty posts because it is not following her. 

Therefore MLA 2009 will begin to “follow” all of its “followers” this evening.  That way anybody going to will be able to see the discussion among the followers.

In order for this discussion to work don’t forget the following:

Remember to use the hastag #mla09 for anything related to the meeting.
If you want to discuss something on MLA 2009 Twitter feed you can type @mla2009 along with #mla09.

Don’t forget to read Keeping Up With Events at MLA for more information on Twitter. Any questions please make a comment.  Conference tweeting is still very new and we are all learning as we go.