MLA 2010 What Would You Like To Read About

Once again I will be blogging about MLA as an Official MLA Blogger on the Official MLA Blog.   (Notes: Don’t forget to post the feed into your feed reader.  The blog is mobile friendly, click on the link on the side.)

Many of the other Offical Bloggers have begun to list on the Blogging Calendar what events they plan on covering.  Last year I ran the Official Blog and at the end of it I sent a survey out to readers to determine what they liked/disliked and what they wanted to see more of on the blog.  Many people wanted to see more coverage of other events and not as many duplicate entries.  While it is nice to get two different perspectives on something like the Presidential Address, the results of the survey indicated that readers wanted to hear about other presentations at the meeting that were not covered on the blog.

So in light of last year’s survey I am encouraging everybody who reads this blog to please leave a comment as to what you would like to see to covered.  Please look at the Blogging Calendar and my Google Calendar of MLA (below). My Google Calendar is a listing of what events I plan on attending. I won’t be blogging about every event I attend because there isn’t enough time, but as an Official Blogger I want to try and report back on the things that the membership would like to know more about. If you see something on my Calendar that you want me to specifically blog about or you want me to go to an event that isn’t covered by another Official Blogger then suggest it. I can’t promise that I will post on everything that everybody wants. However, if I can’t get to it, at least I have feedback so that we can learn what types of things are important for your meeting blog.

One thought on “MLA 2010 What Would You Like To Read About”

  1. I would like to hear about the poster sessions “Clinicians on the Go”, “Web 2.0 Support for Residents and Fellows”, “the SmartPhone in Medicine” and the hospital libraries section meeting.

    Looking forward to hearing about MLA! Wish I could be there!

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