MLA 2011: Video, Schedule, etc

Check out the new video for MLA 2011 (YouTube). Rethink. Great job Bart!

This is a picture of my rough schedule for this meeting…

programplanner by mak1173

I seriously need the online program planner to be live. There are lot of great programs I want to attend (including Top Tech Trends V #mlattt).  I am also a part of the 2012 NPC and a newly elected member of the MLA Board, so my schedule is filling up fast.

So far, this is the best way I have come up with planning schedule at my MLA until the online program planner is available. It seems each year I need to map my meeting out earlier and earlier so that I make sure that my committed obligations don’t overlap.  In the past I used to imput all meetings, programs, events, etc. into Google calendar (synced to my iPhone).  I could easily look at where I needed to be and my phone would buzz 10 min. prior to remind me. 

It is a bit tedious to set up since in the past the online program planner didn’t sync to iPhones or something like Google Calendar.  Yet once everything is in, it is quite helpful to have.  But, I am wondering if there isn’t a better way to do it and if somebody out there has a better idea.  What do you use to schedule your MLA activities?  Are you old school like my photo, highlighting events and penciling things in the squares?  Or do you have a nifty way to sync everything to your smartphone?  Please share.

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  1. I put things into my Outlook calendar since it’s on my iPhone. In the past, I didn’t have as many commitments, so I would do the online program planner, pick everything that looked interesting and then each night, I would sit in my hotel room and highlight the meeting planner so I would know where to go. I think the last time or two, I had that little meeting at a glance, and I used that in conjunction with my Outlook calendar to make sure I knew where to go and when. I didn’t want to syn the online program planner into Outlook because when I was say in NC, and the conference was in Chicago, all the times would end up being off by one hour. I used to remember why that happened, but now, I don’t.

  2. I am desperate as well for the Online Planner. I have so many events that I have to be at this year and then I want to look at the programs and posters. I have opportunities to volunteer but can’t until it goes live.

    I did use the online planner and then was able to sync it to my outlook calendar at work. I then had that calendar on my iphone. I didn’t have to worry about the time change. The iPhone took care of that. It was useful but the biggest problem I had was that I had to keep it silent I would miss an alarm because I had dropped it in my bag. So I’m not sure how to get around that. I also went through the tiny booklet they give us (which is the best thing in the world. If only they would list the poster numbers and titles as well. I write in it what meetings I have that are not on the official schedule and then that is my main reference so I can at least look at it at the end of a meeting and know I need to be at X place in 20 minutes.

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