MLA 2012 Sponsorship Opportunities

The Medical Library Association’s National Program Committee has been calling and contacting  companies to see if they would like to be a sponsor for the 2012 meeting in Seattle.  These meetings are valuable to librarians and many who attend either make crucial decisions or help make decisions regarding resources for their libraries. Our members realize it is important to stay in personal contact with exhibitors, and they value the time they spend in the exhibit area at our meeting. In the words of one attendee: “MLA is the one time I can meet face to face with vendors I currently purchase goods and services from, as well as meet face to face with vendors with whom I am interested in purchasing goods and services from.” MLA members also value and appreciate the support exhibitors bring to the meeting.

In today’s world, organizations face increasing changes to our game and ever growing accountability. MLA hopes you will grow your opportunities by supporting our meeting and maximizing your company’s exposure with our members. Your support enhances our meeting’s quality and depth  You will find numerous opportunities for contributing to the success of our meeting on the accompanying pledge form,

If you have been a sponsor of the Medical Library Association’s annual meeting in the past or you are company that wants to reach out to medical librarians and participate in the meeting, you should consider sponsoring the meeting in 2012. 

Now is the time to act if you want your company’s name or logo in the program. 
Next week, the Medical Library Association’s Preliminary Program for the 2012 annual meeting goes to the printers.  For any sponsorship pledge over $12,000 received by Friday, December 9, 2011, it is still possible to add your corporate logo to the cover of the MLA ’12 preliminary program.  The preliminary program goes out to approximately 5,000 potential attendees.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the MLA NPC co-chairs before Friday to get in the program.

Other opportunities are available to be a sponsor.
We understand that the timing might not work out and you might not know how much you can sponsor before Friday.  But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other opportunities.  Check out MLA’s sponsorship form for a list of other items you can sponsor such as WiFi for the meeting (would be greatly appreciated by attendees), meals, meetings, and other events.

What do you get in return for your support?

  • Sponsors receive many benefits. MLA will link your company to your chosen items and highlight your generous support among our 4,500 members. Benefits include:
  • A posting on the MLA’12 meeting website at
  • Inclusion in the Prelminary Program and Official Program (MUST act before Friday 12/9/11 to be included in Preliminary Program)
  • Speical “Sponsor” ribbons for exhibit staff and
  • Acknoledgement at the designated event, MLA plenary session, in press releases, in the MLA News, and the Journal of the Medical Library Association.

Additional rewards you can receive are based on your sponsorship level:

  • $22,000+ “Grand Slam” Sponsor
  • $12,000-$21,999 “Home Run” Sponsor
  • $3,000-$11,999 “Double” Sponsor

We look forward to seeing you at MLA ’12 and thank you in advance for your remarkable support and hopefully, helping us hit a grand slam home run at the annual meeting!

Remember if you want to sponsor a specific program or activity it is first come first serve so you you will want to ensure your first choice by faxing the pledge form to MLA headquarters at (312) 419-8950. Don’t forget if you want to get into the Preliminary Program we need your pledge form before Friday!