MLA 2012 Website During the Meeting?

The MLA 2012 website is up and running.  Right now you can find information on Section Program Themes and paper and poster FAQs.  Soon you will be able to get registration, hotel and travel information as well much more. 

The site has always been good for the logistics leading up to the meeting, providing you with things you need to know.  Once you are at the meeting the site seems to become superfluous. You either are not at the meeting or you are and have already registered, have a hotel room and hopefully downloaded your schedule. 

What can we do with the meeting website so that it is more interactive more relevant to people participating in the meeting (on site and e-conference)?  On the day of the meeting should the front page change to focus on the current events like the blog, Twitter feed, CoverItLive, etc.?

How would you make the meeting site a more interactive and engaging online experience during the conference?

All suggestions are wanted and welcome.

One thought on “MLA 2012 Website During the Meeting?”

  1. Live blogging, and photo updates. I think as for twitter having the twitter feed up is nice, but I usually use Tweetdeck or something of the sort when at conferences to follow along. Maybe a list of assigned hashtags for sessions so that folks can keep others updated?

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