MLA 2013 Blog: My Summary

Wow there were a lot of bloggers who wrote great stuff at MLA 2013.  I tried to attend as much as I can but of course I can’t hit everything so I have come to really enjoy reading the Official Meeting Blog  after the meeting to review the things I wasn’t able to attend.  I have taken it upon myself to organize the posts from the blog into some general categories and I thought I would share them. (I am such a librarian I am organizing blog posts…sigh..)

The organization is very rough.  I tried to group like posts on the same topic together, but I am sure I made some mistakes.  I also added some extra details such as the section program title on some of the blog titles where it wasn’t immediately obvious as to what it referred to. 

One thing to remember…. The e-Conference stuff is not just for those who paid for the e-Conference.  Those who physically attended the conference can also access all of the great stuff online using their badge number.

Prior to a conference

About MLA and Getting Involved


Sunrise Seminars

Plenary Sessions


Section & Sig Stuff



NLM Stuff

Other things

After Conference and the e-Conference


2 thoughts on “MLA 2013 Blog: My Summary”

  1. I had a good time blogging but it was a job trying to meet up with my blogging partner. Funny thing though – at the 2nd ICLC session, we ended up sitting next to each other in the front row! We hadn’t been introduced but we immediately knew who the other was. Would I do it again? Yes!

  2. I thought this year’s bloggers did a really excellent job. Having done it before, I can say it’s more work than you might think! Thanks, bloggers, for the time and good thinking.

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