MLA 2013 Needs Bloggers!

Are you going to Boston for the MLA 2013 Annual Meeting?  Are you already going to be taking notes during certain sessions or activities?  Why not turn those notes into a blog post to earn AHIP points?

MLA 2013 wants bloggers and you might be able to help them out.  International librarians we could really use your help blogging as well!

Check out to see if would be blogging as a…

  • Distinguished Member (10+ years): 3 posts from perspective of a long time librarian/information specialist. What has changed? What has stayed the same? What are you excited/disappointed/curious about?
  • Early Riser: 3 posts about events that take place prior to 9am, such as the YBP Health Walk & a Sunrise Seminar
  • Exhibits correspondent: 3 posts on things of interest in the exhibit hall
  • First Timer: 3 posts from perspective a new member/first time conference attendee
  • International Congress on Medical Librarianship (ICML) blogger: 3 posts from an ICML attendee or on ICML sessions
  • International Conference of Animal Health Information Specialists (ICAHIS) blogger: 3 posts from an ICAHIS attendee or on ICAHIS sessions
  • International Clinical Librarian Conference (ICIS) blogger: 3 posts from an ICIS attendee or on ICIS sessions
  • Library Student: 3 posts from perspective of a library science student
  • Lifelong learner: 3 posts about what you’re learning, 1 post must be a description of a CE course you took while at the conference
  • National Library of Medicine blogger: 3 posts on NLM activities (NLM update, Online Users’ Meeting, booth presentations)
  • Plenary Sessions: 4 posts on Plenary Sessions (must attend and post on Wednesday plenary)
  • Poster Sessions: 3 posts on poster sessions
  • Section blogger: 3 posts on section activities.  Posts on section sponsored programs, papers/projects by section members, business meetings, incoming/outgoing officers, etc. Membership in Section is preferred. List of MLA Sections
  • SIG blogger: 3 posts on special interest group activities. List of MLA Special Interest Groups
  • Social Butterfly: 3 posts, include Bearded Pigs, receptions and social events.
  • Your idea here: 3 posts from a perspective of your own design

Applications will be accepted January 2nd through February 15th via SurveyMonkey. Contact Kate Flewelling (flewkate at if you have questions.

3 thoughts on “MLA 2013 Needs Bloggers!”

  1. I’ve submitted an application to blog the International Clinical Librarians Conference as first pref and First Timer as 2nd. I could do both even, since I am going to blog about my experiences on my own blog anyway! I’m really looking forward to it!

  2. I applied right after I saw it in MLA News. I’ve done it the past two years and I love it. Not only does it force me to do things I wouldn’t normally do, but I really love sitting at the bloggers’ table during the plenaries!

  3. I agree with Elizabeth – and complimentary access to power extenders is a bonus!

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