MLA 2013/2014 Election Slate Announced

Congratulations and good luck to the people on the slate for the MLA 2013/2014 Election.  Now it is up to the voting members to look at the people on the slate and determine who they feel would best represent the MLA membership.

MLA President-Elect
Linda Walton, Hardin Library for the Health Sciences and Branches, University of Iowa–Iowa City
Cynthia L. Henderson, AHIP, Louis Stokes Health Sciences Library and College of Dentistry, Howard University, Washington, DC

MLA Board of Directors
Sandra G. Franklin, AHIP
Terry Ann Jankowski, AHIP
Lisa K. Traditi, AHIP
Kristine M. Alpi, AHIP

MLA Nominating Committee
Julia K. Kochi
Heidi Sue Adams
Rhonda J. Allard
Nicole (Nikki) Dettmar
Elizabeth R. Lorbeer, AHIP
Richard A. Peterson, AHIP
Wayne Loftus
Michelle Henley
James Dale Prince, AHIP
Judy Consales
Margaret H. Coletti, AHIP
Jane Bridges, AHIP
M. J. Tooey, AHIP, FMLA
Gale G. Hannigan, AHIP
Roberta Bronson Fitzpatrick
Brenda Faye Green
Beth Whipple, AHIP
Marie T. Ascher, AHIP

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